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Rail Saver Assembly and Use

Quick Assembly and Step by Step instructions on using your new Rail Saver Repair System!

small railsaver

Using the Rail Saver

Place “Convex Push Pad” in desired position for use.

click on image for larger view

Installing Rail Saver Push Pad
Determine if shims are necessary to avoid obstructions.  The “Rail Body” should lie flat against frame rail side, opposite the damage to be repaired.  Use wood or metal shims to achieve results needed. click on image for larger view

Installing wood for Rail Saver Repair
Determine depth of damage using the target at the end of the tape measure on The Rail Saver. Mark with thumb or dry erase marker. click on image for larger view

Measuring Depth with Rail Saver Tape Measure
Insert into damaged frame rail to marked depth, actuate hand pump to needed expansion, hammer and level “High” areas. click on image for larger view

Using Hand Pump with Rail Saver
To release, open valve, if wedges do not disengage tap on frame rail in wedge are to release. click on image for larger view

Removing Rail Saver After Repair
“IMPORTANT”!!! To remove hydraulic ram from The Rail Saver, loosen set screw on “Wedge Bar” and slide bar forward or remove completely.  Failure to do so could result in dislodging the ram piston return spring. click on image for larger view

Remove Hydraulic Ram from The Rail Saver    Hydraulic Ram on The Rail Saver
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Rail Saver Product Downloads

Front of Brochure
Inside Brochure

Full Frame Repair Example

Suburban Repair Example

Rail Saver Flyer with Pricing

The Rail Saver Repair System

  • Repairs side members and frame rails fast from the inside out

  • NO heating necessary

  • Don’t spend time drilling and cutting access holes only to weld them back together

  • 4 tons surface pressure with 1.2” expansion

  • Repairs rails up to 27″ deep

  • Precision frame rail and side member repair

  • Increases repair accessibilty

  • Superb metal finishing capabilities

  • Convex dollies to avoid protrusions

  • “Lean” storage system with a case and wall mount bracket

  • Pays for itself within a couple of uses especially if you save a vehicle from total loss

  • Tool width 1.9”X 1.9”, will fit 2” side members.
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Specifically for The Rail Saver

“I have always been dissatisfied with the lack of travel and access that short hydraulic rams and pads had to offer. The Rail Saver has been years in the making. This is just the first of many new products to come.”
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