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Body Shops: order through your preferred auto body paint and tool supplier or mobile jobber.

Please contact us if you have any questions info@therailsaver.com or 916-316-3672.

The Rail Saver is available Nationwide at these Warehouse Distributors:

Autobody Supply Wharehouse (ASW)

Performance Tool & Equipment

Automotive Systems Warehouse

AB & E Warehouse

PBE Jobbers Warehouse

PBE Warehouse Sales – Texas

PBE Warehouse Inc. – Downey

Auto Refinishing Distributors (ARD)

A&H Finishing Products

Cornwell Quality Tools

Collision Services

Canada Distributors

L.J. Peters Warehouses ltd.

PBE Distributors Inc.

International Distributors

Autorobot Finland Oy – Finland

Automotive Paint Tools & Equipment – Australia

GYS – France

Pac Auto Marketing – Malaysia

R.A. Johnstone & Co Ltd. – New Zealand

Sydney Automotive Paint Equipment S.A.P.E – Australia

Distributor Information Request – Email us your name, location and contact information and we’ll send you more info.

Rail Saver Product Downloads

Front of Brochure
Inside Brochure
Full Frame Repair
Suburban Repair
Flyer with Pricing